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Mushrooms - The New Superfood!

(05 Dec 2011)

High in Super Antioxidants - Recent studies have shown that mushrooms contain prime natural source of the powerful antioxidant L-Ergothioneine. It has been found that just a handful of white button mushrooms have about 12 times more of the antioxidant than wheat germ and four times more than chicken liver which were previously thought to be the best sources. L-Ergothioneine scavenges free radicals and protects the body’s DNA from damage. As a result of this research, the Pennsylvania State University advocated that white mushrooms be elevated to 'superfood' status. But there are even more health benefits of mushrooms.....

Eco Friendly Practices at Breffni Mushrooms

(01 Dec 2011)

It is the responsibility of all business owners to reduce the negative impact of their business on the environment. At Breffni Mushrooms, we take our environmental responsibilities very seriously and are constantly looking at new ways to reduce the impact our business has on the environment.

Breffni Mushrooms - FETAC Trained Staff

(21 Nov 2011)

At Breffni Mushrooms, we know the importance of quality and maintaining our high standards of produce but when it comes to mushroom farming we also know the importance of training our employees. All Brefffni Mushrooms employees are fully FETAC trained so that we can reach and maintain our quality and service levels.

Rebranding for Breffni Mushrooms

(12 Feb 2010)

At Breffni Mushrooms,we hope to make our brand more prominant on our packaging. We decided to use this opportunity to rebrand the company with a modern and attractive brand logo. We believe that this rebrand is essential to our future success in the mushroom export market.

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